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A Showcase of Huiqun Xu’s Artworks is a website that features the artworks of Huiqun Xu, a contemporary digital artist who works with various media, such as digital art, installation, video, and graphic design. The website showcases Huiqun’s artworks, which explore themes such as identity, culture, technology, and environment. The website also provides information about Huiqun’s biography, exhibitions, projects and more.

Digital Art

Huiqun’s primary form of work is Digital Art. He uses tools and platforms to create 3D art, including VR/AR content. This also includes online virtual exhibitions. His work in VR/AR content brings a new dimension to his art, allowing the audience to interact with his creations in a more immersive way. His online virtual exhibitions break the geographical boundaries, making his art accessible to a global audience.

Collaborative Projects

Huiqun has collaborated with London-based designer footwear brand KAT MACONIE to launch a digital project, which involved creating a virtual showroom and a 3D model of the shoes. He has also worked with record label XL Recordings and duo Ibeyi to create an artistic project.


Huiqun using physical objects and spaces to create immersive and interactive experiences. He has created installations that explore various topics.

Films and Video Art 

Huiqun created videos, using moving images and sounds to create expressive and engaging narratives. He has created videos that explore various topics.

Graphic Design 

 Huiqun has created graphic design works for various purposes. He has also collaborated with cross-disciplinary professionals to create graphic design works that complement and enhance their projects.