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  • Work byHuiqun Xu

  • Published on Mar 2021
In today’s era, it is difficult for anyone to exist independently without society. This phenomenon is a reflection of the impact of industrialization and the growth of cities.

The Integration of Society and the Impact of Industrialization

In the past, particularly before the 20th century, people could live without society and choose their way of life completely according to their interests or wishes, without the impact of the industrial revolution and the information revolution. However, in today’s society, it is difficult to imagine people who are not only responsible for social functions but also have no social life. The industrial revolution and the information revolution have transformed the way people live and work, making it increasingly difficult for individuals to live independently of society. The rise of industrialization and the growth of cities have led to the development of complex social structures and institutions that shape people’s lives in profound ways.

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However, in fact, the time for people’s free control is gradually shortening, which is not only occupied by work time but also by social activities and social life, which is generally not realized by people. The extreme dependence on society has a great positive effect. For example, it can improve the efficiency of social operation, promote economic development, and promote the progress of science and technology. It has a great positive effect on the whole society and individuals. But at the same time, we should also see the negative effect it brings.