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Short Film


  • Work byHuiqun Xu

    Supervised by Ben Cullen Williams
    Mariam Atieh
    Moni Sonill
  • Published on Jan 2023
Indeed, frequently the external world is not constrained by our imagination; rather, it is we who impose limitations upon ourselves.


Many individuals exhibit self-restraint and retreat when confronted with real-life challenges. Often, they establish a "psychological height" threshold by default, layering self-imposed constraints that confine their minds to a "comfort zone." Consequently, they remain stagnant, caught in an unending cycle of self-doubt and self-denial.

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The film serves a dual purpose: firstly, it aligns with the thematic essence of the black square; secondly, it conveys a poignant message to the audience.


Specifically, it portrays a world inhabited by individuals who negate their own self-worth—a lifeless existence akin to a plague. This pervasive sense of powerlessness and suffering afflicts every ordinary person, rendering them indistinguishable, akin to a multitude of ants. The black and white imagery strips away their unique hues, engendering an overwhelmingly bleak film atmosphere.

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In terms of music selection, drum-based compositions were chosen to evoke tension without overt melodies. This deliberate choice immerses the audience in the film’s atmosphere, amplifying its impact.